We're home from our vacation. For anyone reading who doesn't know, we went to Piney Point, Maryland to visit Charlie's mother's family, then spent a day and a half in Stephens City, Virginia with his father's family. The drive was long and by the end of it, Josiah was screaming and kicking whenever we put him back in the car seat. Poor baby.

The Maryland folks killed the fatted calf for us, which means they had a crab fest for us, with both boiled hardshell crabs, and fried softshell crabs. Brats were provided for those of us who preferred not to eat shellfish. The girls learned how to charm pennywinkles. They made a decoration for the house by coloring and gluing shells, pennywinkles, and a crabshell to a piece of driftwood. Charlie got to see family members he hasn't seen in 25 years. We all had a wonderful time and will share pictures soon.