Charlie and I have been using (loosely) the schedule found at Large Family Logistics. So today is office day. I have lots of calls to make, but our phone is not working. So, after the cell phone recharges we have to call the phone company. We’ve been talking about changing phone services anyway. Vonage and various other alternative providers are making tempting offers. Anyone have experience with internet phone? Like it? Hate it? Why? Anyone tried using only cell phones and not having a land line? Like it? Hate it? Why?

I’m also packing up a birthday gift for my nephew, who turns 3 today. Happy Birthday little man!

I’ve still not done much to get ready for the baby shower Sunday. I’m thinking of appliqueing a onsie with baby’s initials and possibly making a pair of pants to match the applique. That should be quick and not expensive, but still special.

Our home office needs to be cleaned out. Guess office day is the day to do it…