My night with the teeth guard was interrupted too many times by children for me to be able to say how helpful the guard was. My dentist fitted it some more so it isn’t quite as big and doesn’t make me want to gag. That’s a good thing! I will see her in a week to check it again.

I got the baby gift done. I actually bought the onesie on the way home from the dentist this morning. I made the pants to match the applique. I used fusible web on the striped jersey to make the appliques. It didn’t stick too well – just enough to keep the letters in place while I stitched the edges. That’s actually nice because it keeps the letters from being stiff. They stretch with the shirt. Note to self: Turn tension down to about 0.5 when using invisible thread in the needle on soft knits.

Hannah and Ruth colored pictures for the new mama and baby. I told Hannah the baby’s name was Andrew James and they would call him A.J. A few minutes later she said to Ruth, “His name is Simon Peter, but they’re calling him A.J.”

I also made Hannah a pair of bloomers to go under her circle skirt. She started to wear the skirt Wednesday evening but needed something under it. So now she has bloomers.

I read somewhere recently about human castle building. Look up “castell building” and you’ll see some interesting things. I was looking today and came across this photo.  Someone tell me this is only possible in Photo Shop.

Charlie will be leading songs tomorrow morning. I’ll have all four children to myself in a church bench. Wanna join the fun?