Tuesday is “Kitchen Day”. Today I scrubbed the kitchen and laundry room floor. Hannah helped by drying it with a towel. I don’t think the floor needs to be towel dried, but there is no way to keep Josiah off the newly-scrubbed floor, so drying it immediately reduces the risk of injury significantly.

I also washed the inside of the kitchen window. We can get the outside of it whenever we get to it.

Charlie mowed the grass today. It needed to be mowed desperately. And he sanded and primed part of the kitchen. We’ve had some of the supplies to repaint for a while. I finally decided recently that it simply wasn’t getting done by our trying to find a day to dedicate to the task. So I planned to work on it as I could – painting no more than one cabinet door if that’s all I could do at any given time.  Sometime last week I primed one double-door cabinet. Charlie got a good bit more primed today. Just priming makes the room feel better because the walls and cabinets were so dark. I’m looking forward to getting it done.