I’ve been thinking about what to make for the SewRetro August project. The theme for August is sewing for the upcoming season. (Fall, in my case, spring for those down under.) First I thought to make myself some pajamas from an old sheet. Then I realized that my vintage pajama pattern makes up to fit a 26-inch waist. So if I could travel back in time, taking the pajamas with me, I could wear them 6 years ago. But I don’t really expect to be able to wear them in the future. So the pattern will probably go on eBay.

My next idea is to use this vintage fabric, which I got for 50 cents at a yard sale, with this vintage (almost is close enough!) Gunne Sax pattern. I found a zipper and lace and I believe I could do the collar and “slip” from an old sheet. The “slip” isn’t really a slip as I understand slips. It’s more an underskirt, attached at the waist seam. Perhaps I could also make bloomers from the sheet.