I started this dress earlier this summer. I hoped to wear it to a family reunion in June. A few days before we left I had the main dress together, sans sleeves and hem. When I tried it on I realized I hadn’t yet lost enough of my baby belly to wear the dress. So I left it unfinished – there were plenty more pressing preparations to make. Last week I decided that I didn’t care if the dress flattered or not, I wanted it out of the pile of junk under which my sewing table hides. So I pulled it out and finished it. What a pleasant surprise to find that I can now wear it.

It’s made from cotton/lycra jersey from my local fabric shop, Cy Rudnik’s. The pattern is New Look 6429. I lengthened the dress for modesty. I also added a modesty panel. I feel more modest with the panel AND… I can pull the original neckline aside and raise the panel for nursing access. This makes a great nursing dress!

CORRECTION: The fabric is interlock, not jersey. Big whoop, I know. But I can’t seem to let mistakes like that go without correction.