Magic BulletDoes ANY job in 10 seconds or less

It’s kinda cool, really. It has two different blades – one is better for traditional blender jobs and the other is better for grinding. It’s great for grinding coffee beans and herbs/spices. I haven’t quite figured out how to chop veggies well – I tried with onions and ended up with onion puree. That was OK because I was making a sauce with it, but I’d like to figure it out before I definitely want chopped onions rather than puree. It’s also nice for mincing garlic.

The literature that came with it is full of hype. Whoever wrote it wants you to throw a party and use your magic bullet to make mixed drinks. The party is… get ready for it… a “bullet bash”. Right. And many of the recipes have been renamed to sound fast: “Suddenly Stuffed Mushrooms”, “Badda-Bing Badda-Boom Garlic Bread”, “Nanosecond Nachos”. At least the writers had fun.