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Well, almost.

I haven’t posted all week for various reasons. Monday night and Tuesday night I only got about 3 hours of sleep each night. Reason being that we had sick children. I think we had a mild bug of some kind. No one ever got terribly sick, but for two nights no one could sleep very long at a time.  So I’ve spent a few days catching back up since then. Then Thursday I started an infection and haven’t felt well myself. I think I’m gonna lick it, but still am kinda puny.

Anyway, I hope to get back in the groove next week. I have plenty to blog about. There are the pants I finished last week for Charlie and a dress for Hannah finished today. I’ve got poetry to post, hymns to post, links to share, and sooner or later I’m gonna do a Limo post for Daddy. Right now I’m gonna lay on the sofa and rest.

Rocked in the cradle of the deep,
I lay me down in peace to sleep;
Secure I rest upon the wave,
For Thou, O Lord, hast power to save.
I know Thou wilt not slight my call,
For Thou dost mark the sparrow’s fall.
And calm and peaceful is my sleep,
Rocked in the cradle of the deep;
And calm and peaceful is my sleep,
Rocked in the cradle of the deep.

And such the trust that still were mine,
Though stormy winds sweep o’er the brine,
Or though the tempest’s fiery breath
Rouse me from sleep to wreck and death,
In ocean cave still safe with Thee,
The germ of immortality.
And calm and peaceful is my sleep,
Rocked in the cradle of the deep;
And calm and peaceful is my sleep,
Rocked in the cradle of the deep.

by Emma C. Willard

You’ll need sound for this one. Who takes the time to do this? Who spends the money to buy the domain?

The heaving roses of the hedge are stirred
By the sweet breath of summer, and the bird
Makes from within his jocund voice be heard.

The winds that kiss the roses sweep the sea
Of uncut grass, whose billows rolling free
Half drown the hedges which part lea from lea.

But soon shall look the wondering roses down
Upon an empty field cut close and brown,
That lifts no more its height against their own.

And in a little while those roses bright,
Leaf afer leaf, shall flutter from their height,
And on the reaped fields lie pink and white.

And yet again the bird that sings so high
Shall ask the snow for alms with piteous cry;
Take fright in his bewildering bower, and die.

Canon Dixon

I planned this jumper for Hannah. But when it was finished, it fit Ruth. Isn’t that elephant fabric cute?! I think it’s darling. It came in the Stash Increase of Summer ’06. The pattern is Simplicity 4437. (Simplicity’s website is less than user friendly to someone wanting to link to a specific design, so if you care enough, you’ll have to do your own search. Sorry.) I knew the jumper would need to be lengthened, but I miscalculated how much. The bloomers are also too narrow through the hips for Hannah. Now they’re a tad too long for Ruth, but that’s easy to fix. I used an old sheet to line the entire jumper and the bloomers. And aren’t those vintage buttons nice? I don’t even remember where I got them. Maybe an estate sale about 7 years ago.

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Wonder how many blog entries are titled “Aaargh!” today.

On Saturday, Hannah went to work with Charlie. It was the first day of an air show.

They watched from the best seat in the house – the top of the control tower.

O Saviour, I have naught to plead,
In earth beneath or heaven above,
But only my exceeding need,
And thy exceeding love.

The need will soon be past and gone–
Exceeding great, but quickly o’er;
The love unbought is all Thine own,
and lasts forever more.Amen.

Hear it at Cyber Hymnal. (This is not the tune in my old hymnal.)

And I think I’ve figured out how to edit my posts so poetry shows up in stanzas!

This is what we had for dinner last night. We dipped chips in it. It would also be good wrapped in a tortilla. I found large cans of fat free refried beans at my local grocery store. There was no fat at all, ergo no worries about trans fats, hydrogenated oils, etc. But it was already seasoned, ergo no worries about my sometimes faulty ability to season a dish.

  • 1 lg can fat free refried beans
  • 2 Tbsp butter
  • 8 oz cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 8 oz Monterey jack cheese, shredded
  • sour cream
  • green onion

Melt butter in sauce pan. Add refried beans and heat through. Mix cheeses. Layer ingredients as desired in baking dish.

I think this would be good with tomatoes, too. Another really good addition would be cooked ground meat with taco seasoning.
Today, I’m heating the leftovers in the oven and I’ll probably serve it with more sour cream on the side, since I didn’t put much in the dish.