I made this tied quilt for Charlie before we were married. It is made from the scraps I had at the time. Many of these fabrics were originally used in clothes my mother, sister, and I wore when I was a child. The quilt is full of memories.

I  knew nothing about quilting then. Most of the fabrics are cotton weaves, or calicoes. There are a few flannels, a ribbon or two, some lining fabric, and some rayon. The rayon has not worn well. It frays something awful.

The quilt has needed repair for several years, even though it wasn’t ever used very harshly. It’s been sitting in my reproach pile for at least a year. (The reproach pile is the pile that reproaches me with my failures/lack of discipline/unfinished projects.) Late last week I appliqued some patches over the worn seams.

See that mottled green patch in the middle of this picture? That’s one of my repairs. The navy floral is the frayin’ rayon. (Say “frayin’ rayon” fast – it rhymes!) The bright patch above those was left over from a pair of hammer pants I made for a good friend in high school. Yes, really. The large-scale floral on the right was something my sister wore – one of those frilly jumpsuits with puffed sleeves and a bow at the waist? A dress? I can’t remember specifically. The “Painted desert” patch at the bottom was a shirt and jams set my sister wore. And I had a jams set from the red ticking print on the left.

I expect to need to repair this again sometime. There’s more of that rayon lurking in there.