This is the first of several sewing projects that have not been blogged yet. I used the t-shirt pattern from a Simplicity pattern. (I’d tell you the pattern number, but my pattern has buried itself somewhere in my sewing corner and I can’t find it on the Simplicity website. If you want to track it down it’s got a fleece poncho, t-shirt with umbrella applique, pants, and two-tier knee-length ruffly skirt, and a faux-wrap jumper.) I shortened the t-shirt pattern, eliminated the center back seam and neck facings (Hello, Simplicity! It’s designed for knits, it doesn’t need a center back seam or center back opening or ugly facings! Have you looked at RTW t-shirts lately?!?!?!) I added a skirt to the whole thing and used a different pants pattern, cut to capri length, for matching bloomers.