We camped out last night. Yesterday and today the high was in the 70’s and last night the low was in the 50’s. It was probably the last time this year that the weather will be so nice. We left the house around noon, drove about 1 1/2 hours to some land owned by a generous friend, and I held the baby while Charlie pitched the tent and cooked supper. We went to bed at sundown, all 6 of us in a 4-man tent. It was awesome. Charlie and I woke up during the night to hear deer and other critters running around the tent. The children woke us a few times, rolling over each other and whining about it. I don’t think they actually woke up, though. We all woke up just before dawn. Charlie got the fire going and cooked oatmeal. We packed the car and started home, stopping for McDonald’s breakfast. I slept most of the night but I still crashed when we got home. Sleeping on the ground is not very restful. I’m looking forward to our space-age foam bed tonight!

In this picture the 3 older children eat dinner. Esther eats grass. After having 4 children, I don’t worry about this kind of thing anymore.