I made this dress some time ago and am just now getting around to documenting it. I think I finished it in the first half of October. The fabric was given to me. It’s a sweatshirt fleece, but it’s not very stretchy. I used the Simplicity t-shirt pattern I’ve used all fall and added a skirt. I used the same pattern for matching bloomers. The dress/bloomers combo is quite warm. Perfect for winter.

I originally finished the neckline by turning itunder and stitching, but it was too tight. (Did I mention the fabric doesn’t stretch much?) So I cut it out to the stitching and applied a self-fabric binding. It’s a bit puffy, but it works fine and she can get the dress on and off easily now. Puffy neckline bindings are now a design feature.

I wanted to get a picture of this when it didn’t have dirt all over the skirt, but it just wasn’t happening. She plays outside. She gets her clothes dirty. Evening and morning are another day. I also would have prefered to post the picture in which she was smiling, but that one is blurry, and not in an artistic way. Meh.