Last night one of the girls had an accident in the bed during the night. So we both got up to clean up and get everyone changed. Charlie said the bed was so wet he thought the girls should sleep on the sofa hide-a-bed. I wasn’t too sure, but said, “OK.” He started to pull it out and a MOUSE ran out from under the sofa across the room. And I DIDN’T SCREAM! I’m so proud. The last thing he did before going back to bed was to set traps. But we didn’t catch anything. Guess we’ll try again tomorrow night.

When we got up this morning, Josiah’s diaper had leaked, so he also had to be changed and his bedding had to be washed. Then, almost an hour later, when I went to get Esther out of our bed, her diaper had leaked, too. So I’m washing the bedding for every bed in the house today. Plus all the clothes that got wet during the night.

And sometime today I have to go pull the hide-a-bed out and clean it all out. Someone has been eating on the sofa (not allowed, but it’s really my fault for not watching and enforcing the rules) and there was plenty under there to attract mice. Yuck. I plan to play a CD of children’s folk dances at the back of the house in an effort to keep the children from getting in the way too much while I clean out the sofa.

Saturday night I put the girls’ hair in sponge rollers. This is what they looked like Sunday morning. The pictures we got aren’t very good, but this should give an idea.

And here’s a video of Josiah in action: