I found a post over at Touchstone Magazine’s blog, Mere Comments, this morning that I thought was very relevant to me and to many I know. In A Little Leaven, M. Hutchins talks about what happens in the hearts of people who find they have been taught lies. I was particularly struck by this quote:

“If the faithful have in fact been lied to about one thing, how can they be confident that the whole mass of Christian teaching received from their teachers wasn’t a fabrication of clericalism and prudential mendacity?”

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the teachers believed the lies they taught or not. Lies are lies, whether the liar believes them or not. But on the whole, it is more dangerous to withold truth purposely than to teach an honest mistake. How does the student feel, when pressing his former teacher, to be told the truth was witheld because it is “dangerous”? If you want to ruin your credibility and influence, this is a really good way.

So many Christian parents deny various teachings of Christ or the apostles and then wonder why their children do the same thing. When children bear the fruit of unbelief, it is often (if not always) because the parents planted the seed of unbelief.