First the sewing projects:

I made this dress for Hannah earlier this week. The bodice fabric is stuff I got at WalMart some time back. I think I only paid $1 a yard. It shrunk like crazy when I washed it, so there wasn’t as much to work with as I originally planned on. We used Hannah’s Christmas money to buy the jungle print. I was a tad disappointed after I got it home and washed to to find the stripes were printed significantly off-grain. I forgot that I knew better than to buy striped fabric from a store I know sells seconds. The dress turned out cute anyway – even if the stripes don’t match at the side seams and the animals look like they’re running downhill. I chose the tiger to applique on the bodice because it was the most colorful animal in the print.

Next I made some pajamas for Ruth. This fabric was given to me by a woman we used to go to church with. It’s thin and there wasn’t much of it. It had already been cut into. So I had to do some creative cutting to get all the pieces of this pj set cut out of it. Several of the pieces are cut cross-grain. I don’t particularly care for this fabric. Honestly, I think it’s downright ugly. But it’s serving its purpose well. And there’s not enough of it left to make anything with. Yay for stash reduction.

Now for the fun stuff:

Something else we got with Christmas money was some plastic storage boxes/bins to organize the toys we also got for Christmas. We got each of the children a small box with attached flaps that overlap to make a lid. Ruth used hers as a helmet. She said, “When the blue things are down, then I’m safety. But when they’re up, I’m not safety.” I think this is future blackmail material.

Josiah with his new hammer (which he may not use without supervision).

And here’s Esther shortly after Hannah’s birthday party. (I know it’s an older picture, but it’s so cute!)