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I made this t-shirt dress several weeks ago and have just gotten around to documenting it. The shirt was given to us. It’s several sizes too largem but the neck doesn’t stretch properly, so it pretty much has to be worn large.  Hannah and I picked out fabric for the skirt – it’s a flannel and has gray kittens on it. I really like pleating these skirts for a change from the usual gathering. It allows more fullness in the skirt without causing the skirt/bodice seam to be too bulky.

I cleaned off my sewing table a few days ago and was struck when I got to this point. It was so ironic, I had to share a picture.

I just participated in the Recycle It! swap. The rules were to save something you would normally throw away and make it into something not purely decorative, but useful. I’ll post a picture of what I sent when I’m sure it’s been received. But today I’m sharing a picture of what I received from Melissa. Isn’t it pretty? The pages are thin cardboard – like what comes in the middle of a calendar to keep it stiff and unbent til opened. And she made them in such a way that they can be easily removed.

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“What a joy to discover that though we deserve to be rejected by God, we have been chosen to belong to Him and to be part of His redemptive plan in the universe.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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Ruth turned four recently. We had her party scheduled for Saturday, in the middle of the huge winter storm. Only the boy from across the street was able to come. His mother made her a scrapbook page to hang on her wall.

Watch Ruth blow out the candles before we’re done singing.

I’ve been sluggish with my blogging this week because we’ve had sickness in the house. And we’re planning and preparing for a birthday party tomorrow. It will probably not materialize because we’re having a massive winter storm. I suspect no one will be able to come. Poor Ruth. I do wish I could know for sure now so if there will be no party I could slack off on the prep. It’s a headache day for me today. I owe several emails. I’ve not forgotten – just been busy.

Last week I made this skirt for Hannah. We’ve had the shirt for some time. It was given to us in a bag of hand-me-downs. Isnt’ it cute? We finally decided on a plain red skirt to go with it. Clothes don’t come any easier than this. It’s one rectangle, sewn down the side, with a casing for elastic in the waist, and a lettuce edge on the hem. It turned out slightly big in the waist so I need to take out about an inch of elastic.

As you can see, Ruth sabotaged our fashion shoot this morning. She was standing near and moved in and made this face right as I snapped. I didn’t even realize she had made the face until I unloaded the pictures from the camera. Little stinker.

This next picture is just gratuitous cuteness.

And I have to share these pictures. I gave the girls an assignment this morning. They were to make up some animal and then draw it. Hannah very quickly drew this “swirly”.

It swirls up and goes wherever it wants to. Air, land, sea, trees, grass… It’s quite versatile.

Next she started drawing these circles, connected by lines, then she filled in around them with lots of different colors. This is a “very colorful thing”.

Ruth takes time over her creations. She drew one in more time than it took Hannah to draw two. Ruth’s is a “flyer”. When she showed it to me I asked if the large protrusion from the top was its head. She said she had forgotten to draw its head and needed to go add one. I think the large-ish pink thing sticking out from the top right is the head, though I’m not sure.

The girls got dolls for Christmas. I found these at Michael’s. They’re similar to the American Girl dolls but they only cost $16 each. We waited for a pattern sale and bought several patterns to make clothes for their dolls. They pick a pattern and fabric and watch me cut the pieces out. Then they sit on my lap and learn while we sew the clothes. Ruth accepted limited guidance with her fabric choices. Hannah would not. Still they turned out well and we’re ready to plan more.