We’ve been sick for most of January. First Charlie and Josiah had a flu-type bug. Headache, stiff back and neck, fever, etc. followed by a week of intestinal discomfort. Josiah had horrible diaper rash. I started the same thing the next week, right about the time Josiah’s diaper rash cleared up. Charlie left for a week of special job training classes about the time I was over my fever and aches but not over the intestinal junk. He ended up taking a different class than was originally planned, which caused him to be gone an extra two days. He came home with food poisoning.A day or two before he got home, Esther got the flu-type junk followed by intestinal junk and diaper rash. And she started cutting her two top front teeth. The night Charlie started really feeling better, Hannah threw up shortly after going to bed. She threw up several more times during the night. At some point Josiah also started throwing up. And within an hour or two, I started. That lasted between 12 and 18 hours for each of us. Ruth did not get sick with it until the next night, when Charlie worked all night. Everyone seemed to be on the mend yesterday, but last night, Ruth threw up again, only once this time. (But it was a doozie!) And Esther, still not over the diaper rash, started throwing up. Sleep has been in such short supply that tempers are getting short. I am exhausted. This will end, right?

Whenever it does, I’ll get back to more regular blogging.