February is already better. Esther still has a bit of diaper rash, but is otherwise feeling better. And everyone else seems to feel better, too. Woohoo!

I’ve done a bit of charity sewing in between all the episodes of sickness. First was this quilt block which will be sent to Amitie in Australia for a quilt to be sold for MS research.

Next were these preemie sleepers to be sent to a woman who is expecting twins and whose husband recently died. These may be too small for these babies – they are supposed to fit babies from 4-6 lbs, and since the twins have not yet been born, it is unknown how big/little they will be at birth. But since twins are typically small, and since these can be given to other preemies if these twins cannot use them, and since my fabric would not accommodate a larger pattern, I made these in this preemie size. I am sending them to Annie of Bramble Stitches to get snaps put on them and she will send them on to a collection point.

I used the last of a sweatshirt fleece I was given last summer and a bit of grey ribbing I bought to finish them. I chose not to finish the seam allowances because I thought the seams would be softer if I didn’t. Soft seams are important when you’re sewing for preemies because they have especially sensitive skin. The pattern was a freebie from Touching Little Lives. I’m amazed at how small they are. Two of my fingers comfortably fill the leg holes. I think that because of the stripes, a baby in one of these will look a bit like a tiny jail bird. A very cute jail bird.