I had a couple of ideas for borders for my scrappy quilt top and played with them in EQ. These are the major options:

First uses 4″ squares in a middle border sandwiched between two solid 2″ borders.

The second uses a piano keyboard middle border between two solid borders:

None of the fabrics I used in the top, nor any of the fabrics I would use in the border match any of the fabrics used in the EQ mock-up. But I think I approximated the overall effect well enough to use the mock-ups to help make design decisions. I prefer the darker solid borders – they pack more punch, and I think, make the quilt sparkle more. I think I prefer the 4″ squares to the piano keyboard. I’m sure doing the 4″ squares will result in less cutting and sewing.

Opinions? Other suggestions?

I think I’ve decided to do the quilting in straight diagonal lines running through the seam intersections. Given my equipment, straight lines are much easier for me to sew than any kind of free motion curves. I’m still very much open to suggestions.