It is Friday, right? I originally planned to a post of links on Saturday, when the blogosphere seems to slow down. Charlie works on Saturdays so I usually end up surfing the ‘net, wishing there were more new posts for me to read. (The first person to suggest laundry or dishes is a rotten egg.) I thought maybe I’m not the only one, so I’d start doing links on Saturday as a service to other losers people in the boat with me. But I couldn’t think of anything else to post today, except a doll dress I just finished. But that’s waiting because there’s not enough light to get a decent photo, and I want to finish the matching hat first. So, if you’re reading, you get links today. Maybe you’ll choose to save them for tomorrow.

Probably nothing earth-shattering here – just stuff I want to share with anyone who wants it.

Quilt Mavericks is a web-ring for people who like to quilt, who aren’t exactly traditional/conventional quilters, but who aren’t exactly doing art quilts, either. Lots of fun sites, and in my opinion, better inspiration than you get from more conventional quilt venues, yet more ideas that are applicable to real life than you get from looking at art quilts.

Quilters News Network broadcasts quilting shows (and commercials) via the Internet 24/7.

Fish in My Hair is a very funny blog I just found via Starry Sky Ranch. Be sure to read the recent entry on The Saving of a Marriage.

Looking to waste time being amazed at how pointless some of the things are that people go to the trouble to create and post on the Internet? is the place for you.

Last, MIT OpenCourseWare allows information/education junkies like me free access to classes taught at MIT in a wide range of available subjects.