Who else saw the Oprah show on organizing last week? Who else found it convicting? I don’t usually watch much TV. But I heard from a friend about the show and made sure I could watch the evening showing.

I learned that people get to a point at which they no longer see their own mess. As I’ve looked around my own house since then, I’ve realized I have passed that point. I used to gripe if anything was in the floor. “I just want to be able to walk through,” I would say. Now I would be lucky to be able to walk through almost any room in the house without having to step over something or around something.

There are two major problems, as I see it. We have too much stuff. And we have inadequate storage. I’m getting lots of great ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie. And a friend has offered to help. I’m considering using the Sidetracked Home Executives card system to keep up with housework. And I’ve already started throwing away trash and using freecycle to give away what is not trash but isn’t useful to us. We also have bought a few storage bins to use in various places around the house.

What are your favorite organizing solutions? Do you have helpful websites? Please share in the comments!