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I’m so glad this feature has been started again. Maybe exposing myself will motivate me to take care of these problems.

First up is the spare bedroom. Since we moved into this house (3+ years ago) it has housed our computer and office-type stuff and my sewing mess. We’ve wanted to clean it out for a long time but haven’t found the motivation to do it. We’re expecting a house guest for a month, starting Saturday. So we’re finally cleaning the room out. The computer has been moved out. Charlie built shelves around the window on one wall. We moved a different table in where the computer had been. That got us to where these pictures were taken. Although this is a mess in the process of being eliminated, the pictures are still telling.

And here’s the mess that I abandoned until the computer/sewing room is fixed up for a guest.

In front of the closet (which looks messier than it would because it has no doors – long story), is a pile of off-season and outgrown clothes, separated into plastic bags, and the bins the clothes are supposed to go in to be organized.  In front of all that, is my cutie who kept trying, and finally succeeded, to get into a picture.

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Hannah has been working on this quilt for a couple of years. She started by choosing two fabrics. I cut squares and drew stitching lines and showed her how to stitch. She would stitch for a while and then want a break. We would forget about her handwork for months at a time. But it was always eventually brought back out. About two weeks ago she finished stitching the patches together. I showed her how to sandwich a quilt by taping the backing taught to the top of a table, layering on batting, then the front. She sat in my lap while we machine quilted and bound her quilt. I’m disappointed with our choice of quilting thread – which is the fault of the sewing machine sales-lady at the fabric store.

Hannah says this quilt belongs to her favorite stuffed horse, Grace. (Named after her grandfather’s horse.)

Ruth has now begun her own. Maybe in a couple of years I’ll show you her finished quilt.

When they start doing their own hair.

I finished this dress last week and just managed to get a picture today. This is for my 6-year old. I made a size 3, lengthened, and it fits perfectly. (Pattern sizes don’t run like ready-to-wear, and my children are built like their parents – they could hide behind a fence rail.) The print is from JoAnn and the solid is broadcloth, also from JoAnn. The pattern is Simplicity 4251. I made the capris in the print for bloomers. And I also made a matching purse, which missed the photo shoot.

I finished this little dress this afternoon. The fabric was from stash and was given to me. I bought the appliques and lace for this project. The pattern is Simplicity 4107. I will use the gauchos from the same pattern as bloomers. I hope to finish them tonight or tomorrow.