Hannah has been working on this quilt for a couple of years. She started by choosing two fabrics. I cut squares and drew stitching lines and showed her how to stitch. She would stitch for a while and then want a break. We would forget about her handwork for months at a time. But it was always eventually brought back out. About two weeks ago she finished stitching the patches together. I showed her how to sandwich a quilt by taping the backing taught to the top of a table, layering on batting, then the front. She sat in my lap while we machine quilted and bound her quilt. I’m disappointed with our choice of quilting thread – which is the fault of the sewing machine sales-lady at the fabric store.

Hannah says this quilt belongs to her favorite stuffed horse, Grace. (Named after her grandfather’s horse.)

Ruth has now begun her own. Maybe in a couple of years I’ll show you her finished quilt.