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This last week I made myself a new ironing board cover.

Not that I needed a new one or anything.

And today I refashioned some pajamas which the knee had busted out of.  Here’s the holey knee:

And here are the new summer pajamas:

Since my last post I’ve made three t-shirts for myself, four t-shirt dresses for Hannah, a nightgown for Hannah, and Easter dresses for the two older girls and for me. I also took in a dress someone gave us for Hannah and another for Ruth. I’m not going to photo document most of that, but I will share pictures from Easter.

The girls and their brother, ready for church:

The back of Hannah’s dress (SO much fun to iron!):

Esther wore a dress I made for Hannah about 5 years ago:

But she wouldn’t wear the hat:

And here’s the dress I made for me: