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Hannah scrubs the floor like Cinderella. She’s loving the DVD you sent, Lainey!

I won the block lotto. How funny is that?! I’ve decided to use most (maybe all, maybe only most) of the blocks to make quilts for Sunshine Quilters. (Sunshine Quilters is the group who hosted the lotto. They send quilts to children all over the world.) I divided the blocks I received into several “themes”. The six blocks here were all bright and cheerful and very child-friendly. I added the two 4-patch blocks, the sashing and corner stones, and filled in the setting triangles on the sides. I used fabric from stash only. I suspect I could have made a quilt that *I* think is prettier if I had bought fabric for this, but I really wanted to use only stash, and I think it came out fine.

I did this embroidery from a free pattern at The original pattern was about 7 inches. I reduced it to 4 inches. Not sure what to do with it now – pincushion? tiny pillow? pocket? patch? I used chain stitch for all of it. It was good practice, and as you can see, I needed the practice.

This jumper was made last week. I used Butterick 5439. The fabric was given to me and the buttons were extras that came with sweaters that were given to the two older girls. I used the lining fabric for the pockets. This was a very easy dress to sew. I’ll be keeping this pattern in reserve because it’s so simple and fast.

Here’s some of what I’ve been working on: crumb blocks. These are a way to use small pieces of fabric and make something useful. I made 40 blocks, and then donated the rest of my “crumbs” to someone else who wants to make crumb blocks. I won’t show pictures of all 40 blocks, but picked out a few as a representative sample. These are being donated to charity quilters who make quilts for children.


Yes, she got up there by herself. And yes, Charlie spotted her while I got a picture.

Now that these have been received, I can share them here.

This is the bag I made my sister for her birthday. I had intended to make a purse similar to the one I showed you a couple of posts ago. But I lost the notes I took about that one, so I used a commercial pattern instead. This ended up being more of a tote than a purse, but my sister says she loves it because it’s perfect for a diaper bag, which she needed.

The outer fabric is a bottom weight remnant and the inner fabric is a home decorator remnant. I interfaced both inner and outer fabrics, except for the inside pocket, which I cut double, stitched and turned rather than only cutting one piece and trying to make a cuff on it.

I also made a little purse for my neice, who turns 6 today. I sort of used a pattern from a booklet I got free from Hancock Fabrics. Everything on this purse was from stash. I knew it would be a hit when both of my girls found me making it and started asking for their own.

Hannah has been asking me to make her another nightgown from a sheet she had chosen from my stash. It was quite faded in spots – too much to be able to cut around the faded sections well. Hannah says that because of the fading, the whole thing looks a bit like a jumper and shirt. She’s happy with it, and I’m sure it will be comfortable. I’ve been commissioned by my best customers (the girls) to make nightgowns for their dolls from what was left of the sheet. They’re cut and ready to sew, but I’m dreading making them. Not sure why – I just don’t want to do it.