This post has a lot of pictures! I’m trying to catch up.

I don’t know what happened to May. I turned around and it’s gone. Here are some highlights.

I made these hats for the girls from the book Happy Hats and Cool Caps. I used the Floppy Sun Hat pattern. It turned out a bit differently than I had hoped. It has more of a cat-in-the-hat hat shape than I would like.  But the girls love them, and I used up the scraps from my Easter dress and a piece of floral cotton that has been in my stash for too long. The hats are reversible.

I started working on a crumb quilt to use up some fabric crumbs I’ve had for too long. (Hanging on to fabric for too long is becoming a theme. I hope using it up will become one, too.) The girls like to play with fabric as much as I do.

Charlie took the oldest three to see some old airplanes. Sorry, I can’t remember what planes they were, and the lighting was so bad in the hanger that there aren’t good pictures of the planes. But the children were still very cute.

One day Josiah wanted to put on his swim suit. My hero.

No fears about him becoming a chauvenist, though. He lives with too many girls for that.

Ruth put grapes on her fingers and double dog dared us to make her take them off.

And finally, we read a couple of blog posts, and decided something had to be done.

We sold the toddler race car bed. We put away a bunch of shoes that don’t currently fit. The girls chose a binful of toys to pack away for another time. We have an agreement that if something comes out of storage, something else has to go into storage. We threw away thousands of bits of paper and quite a few incomplete sets of toys. The toybox hasn’t left yet, but it’s on the gangplank. What was left has been organized. And it has stayed clean for 3 days.

I’ll leave you with eye candy for the grandmas.