Now that these have been received, I can share them here.

This is the bag I made my sister for her birthday. I had intended to make a purse similar to the one I showed you a couple of posts ago. But I lost the notes I took about that one, so I used a commercial pattern instead. This ended up being more of a tote than a purse, but my sister says she loves it because it’s perfect for a diaper bag, which she needed.

The outer fabric is a bottom weight remnant and the inner fabric is a home decorator remnant. I interfaced both inner and outer fabrics, except for the inside pocket, which I cut double, stitched and turned rather than only cutting one piece and trying to make a cuff on it.

I also made a little purse for my neice, who turns 6 today. I sort of used a pattern from a booklet I got free from Hancock Fabrics. Everything on this purse was from stash. I knew it would be a hit when both of my girls found me making it and started asking for their own.