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Here is the second quilt top I’ve made from the lotto blocks I won. I added the sixteen patch on the top left. The rest of the blocks were made by other members of the Sunshine quilters group. This top will be sent to someone else in the group to be quilted, then it will go to charity.

My mom came to visit Tuesday, bringing with her a bunch of fabric she’d already picked out for the children. She had originally intended to turn this bright stuff into a t-shirt dress, but we decided these overalls were more needed right now. So I made them, using an OOP New Look pattern. Hannah loves them, which is the only measure of success I need.

Mother was here a couple of weeks ago, and got excited about making a few shirts for Josiah. She got me excited about it, too. So a few days ago I pulled out this fabric, which was given to me some time ago. It was scraps, but there was enough for a shirt. I used a K.P. Kids pattern. I’m not entirely pleased with the style decisions I made – I used black thread and topstitched all around, and the hems are rolled hems. But for a first attempt, it’s fine. And Josiah LOVES it. “It have tucks on it! And a-panes! And he-chopters!”

He took the photo shoot very seriously. So seriously, that this was the biggest smile we could get out of him, even with Daddy making body noises behind the camera.

I made another quilt top for charity this week. Most of these fabrics were given to me, in scraps, by my neighbor. The colors blend better in real life than in the picture. (That fabric that looks dark and coral-colored is not that dark or coral-colored.) I cut enough squares to make the top, then sewed them into rows, making sure to alternate between pink and blue, then I arranged the rows. I took my time getting a balanced placement. When I picked the rows up and sewed them together, I somehow lost that placement. It’s not bad, but it’s not as pleasing as it was. I’ll have to be more careful with the next one, which is all reds.

When we moved into this house there were miscellaneous landscaping materials scattered about. One of the things we found were these bricks. They’ve been in several piles at various times. A few weeks ago, Charlie got one of his inspirations, and stacked them together into an outdoor oven.

He makes a fire in the “toe of the boot” (my description). As you see, the seams are daubed with mud, so the smoke, and much of the heat, are directed up the chimney. The food gets wrapped in foil and placed down the top of the chimney.

He’s cooked us several meals in this oven. The ribs especially were wonderful. And it’s very nice to have a hot meal without heating up the kitchen.

Just another quilt top for charity. Someday I’ll actually get to the end of all the scraps.

These are the play outfits I made the girls just in time for Independence Day – the print is of red-white-and-blue firecrackers.

 Charlie took the oldest three to see some WWII bombers.

And I won a drawing hosted by House Wren Studio. I received this lovely bookmard as a prize for de-lurking on Charlotte’s blog. I’m going to enjoy using this – it’s really quite pretty.

…will race anything.

Lara over at The Lazy Organizer hosts Smart Habit Saturday. I think this is a great idea, and there are some areas where I could use a bit of accountability, so I’m going to join in.

I’m going to start with one thing I want to turn into a habit. I’m not sure if I will work on only one thing for a month, or add a new habit each week. But I know that today I’m going to start with taking all my vitamins and supplements at the appropriate times every day. Oh joy.