My resolutions:
1. Regular blogging.
2. More regular church attendance.
3. More praying.
4. Use Flylady and get this house in shape.
5. Use Saving Dinner (received as a gift for Christmas) and feed the family better.

There are lots of other things I need to do, but I don’t want my resolutions to turn into a to-do list. These are things I want to turn into habits this year. I think maybe I’ll check in once a week and report on how it’s going. That will at least help the blogging, right? I’ll start now:

I’m blogging right now. I have plans made to go to church this Sunday if at all possible. I still need to set aside a time for daily prayers. My sink is in the process of being shined right now, and I’ve got Leanne’s crock pot corn chowder cooking as we speak.

What are your resolutions?