That sound is the fates laughing at my New Years’ Resolutions. Particularly the one about blogging more regularly. I have been in church much more and have prayed more, though I still need to choose praying before watching Arrested Development on (Mother, if you’re keeping up with this blog, you would not like the show because of the language and content.) I haven’t done much with FlyLady. I shined my sink and was so worn out from it that I couldn’t keep up. (I took it way too seriously.) I think I’ll have to pick and choose what I want from her plan. I definitely need to do something about the mess around here. Using Saving Dinner got off to a rocky start, but has been very helpful lately. I typically use one of her weekly menus every two weeks. We fill in gaps with standbys like hot dogs and grilled cheese. Those things keep us all happy and are the only way the kids will eat regularly.

We’ve been doing a few crafty things. I sewed baby dresses – one for a friend and one for the crisis pregnancy center. (Those were entirely from stash. Yay!) I’m now working on a dress and bolero for Hannah. Hannah and I made button earrings, which we hope to sell. Hannah wants to use her money to buy flowers for her little corner of the yard. I’m sure Ruth will be wanting the same thing soon.

I plan to post more. Really. Stop laughing/rolling your eyes. Enjoy spring. (And if your spring hasn’t arrived yet, I am truly sorry.)