This is my first tutorial! Yay! I’ve been sewing a new dress for Hannah. It’s done (more yay! and pictures later). The last step was to make loops for the ribbon sash from thread. I’ve watched Mother do this many times. She always made a crochet chain, and that was the technique I wanted to use on this dress. But I had the hardest time starting my chain. After an interesting phone conversation with Charlie (Him: Make a half hitch knot. Me:How do I make a half hitch?), we finally got it figured out. I’m posting this tutorial so I can refer to it the next time I need to make a thread loop, but have forgotten how to start the crochet chain. I hope this is helpful to someone else, too.

This loop can also be used to make a button loop.

Step 1. Cut a long piece of thread, double it, and knot it. Bring it from the back to the front of the garment.

Step 2. Use the needle to make a stitch at the same place your thread is anchored in the garment.

Step 3. Leave a small loop of thread above the fabric.

Step 4. Run the needle through the small loop.

Step 5. Leave a larger loop.

Step 6. Pull the first loop tight.

Step 7. Put your index finger and thumb through the second loop.

Step 8. Grab the free thread with your index finger and thumb.

Step 9. Pull the free thread back through the loop, keeping the needle in your other hand, forming another loop.

Step 10. Manipulate the thread so that the first loop becomes a tiny knot close to the fabric. You have to sort of saw back and forth on the thread, back and forth, to get this to work.

Step 11. Reach through the loop and pull the free thread through again, forming another loop. Keep repeating this process until your chain is the desired length.

Step 12. Run the needle through the final loop of the chain.

Step 13. Pull thread taut.

Step 14. Pass needle through to the back of the garment at the point you want the loop to end.

Step 15. Tie your thread off and cut it. You have a finished crochet chain thread loop.