I’m trying something new. New to me – it’s actually a very old thing. I’m making watermelon rind pickles, the old-fashioned way. I cut the hard green outer layer off the rinds, and then chopped the rinds. I pressed them and added 1 tablespoon of sea salt to each jar. One jar has a bit of nutmeg added. (Not measured.) The rinds had enough liquid I didn’t need to add water. I will check them on Thursday to see if the fermentation process has taken place correctly.

I really hope this works. We got a new stove recently. It was given to us by someone who’d been through a divorce and had ended up with a brand new stove sitting in his garage for about 3 years. Well, it’s not brand new anymore, but it was still hardly used and in great condition. And it has a ceramic top, which is so easy to clean. So when it was offered to us, we jumped at it. But a friend told us that we can’t can on it because the ceramic top can’t hold the weight of all the canning pots. So I hope our lacto-fermentation experiments free us from the need to can on the stove-top.

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