Everyone was outside except me, when one of the kids came in very excited. “We caught a bunny, Mama! We caught a bunny.” I grabbed the camera and came out to find there was a bunny in a loose piece of drainage pipe that has been in the back yard for a while. The bunny had apparently seen children coming at him and run into the pipe for shelter. We tried to get him to come out of the pipe, into a bucket, from which we could get a good look at him and then release him. He was almost out of the end of the pipe when I tried to get a picture of him, but he disappeared back into the pipe too quickly for me.

We eventually laid the pipe and a bucket on the ground and discouraged Mr. Bunny from going out the other end of the pipe.

Hannah tipped the bucket up as soon as Mr. Bunny got to it.

He looked so incredibly soft. We all felt a bit sad that wild rabbits won’t let people pet them.

Did you know even a baby bunny can hop out of a 5-gallon bucket? Josiah brought a carrot and the instant he dropped it into the bucket the bunny gave one big scrambling jump, scaring the snot out of just about everyone, and tore across the yard as fast as he could go. He stopped when he reached the far side of the fence and watched us for a few minutes.