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My digital camera is missing. No one took it. No one has seen it. No one has used it. It just disappeared. So until I find it or get a new one, I can’t show you the dress I made for Hannah, the skirt for Ruth made from yard sale curtains, our new dog, the fairy houses the girls made, or Ruth’s new smile after having had 4 teeth pulled. I’m praying it shows up quickly.

I thought you might like to see the quilt top that is hanging above my sofa.

This is from a round robin I did several years ago on the n2quilting group. I’m not even sure if that group is still around. It was a fun group. I made the center (pieced, not appliqued) and 4 other ladies added to it. I want to add some yellow to the very center, but still haven’t decided whether to do just a yellow dot, or 8 small petals offset from the blue petals.  I also need to true up the edges and fix a small cut along one edge. And of course, it needs to be quilted. Someday.

I mentioned this blouse last Friday. This is part of my stash reduction challenge.

The pattern is Simplicity 2892, view A. The fabric is a vintage poly-blend I got at an estate sale. I can’t decide if I like the blouse or not. Is the combination of this fabric with this pattern a good one? Does the entire thing look like it came out of the 70’s? In a good way or a bad way? One thing I know for sure is that I don’t like wearing these sleeves. I still like the drawing on the pattern envelope, and this looks a good bit like it, but they feel way too big when being worn. So I’ll be donating this top.

I hope you all had a good Fathers’ Day. Ours was quiet, but nice. We gave Charlie the gift we had ready for him and he loved it, as I expected.

I copied this from something I saw on Tip Junkie (which is a great place for ideas). My original plan included some scrapbook paper behind the pictures, and some sort of simple scroll design on the ends, but that didn’t work out. I think it’s a bit faux-nail-head heavy, and I learned a bit about how not to use ModPodge, and ink-jet printed photos should be varnished before they are used in a craft project. But the pictures were the point, and they are loved, so I’m happy.

7_quick_takesClick here for more 7 Quick Takes.

Let’s see if I can think of 7 things to share quickly.

1. I’ve been yard saleing the last couple of days. Yesterday, I got a vase cut from a single piece of rock – maybe agate – for 50 cents, an outdoor rug for 25 cents and an indoor rug for 10 cents, a trash bag full of gift wrap for $1, several books at 10 cents each, and a set of curtains with cute embroidery that will become a girl’s skirt for $1. Today I found even more great stuff – more paperback kids books marked 10 cents each, but I got an armload for $1, five color injet refill kits for $1, a bag of lace and a bag of zippers, each 50 cents, a small set of shelves (think spice rack size) for $2, and other odds and ends. Charlie went and found a Fisher Price picnic table for $3.

2. I made a blouse, but I’m not sure I like it. I still have to get a picture of it in which you can actually see the details. When I do, I’ll write a post about it.

3. Thinking about frugality lately. One of the things that facilitates a frugal lifestyle is seeing potential in things. (That can be painted, used in a different way, etc.) Unfortunately seeing potential in things can also lead me to buy stuff I don’t need and won’t ever use, which isn’t a good deal no matter how cheap the item is. It also leads me to have too many projects going, which means some never get done, so the supplies/materials are wasted. I’m trying to find a balance and would welcome suggestions or musings.

4. I’m making a Fathers’ Day gift – hacking something I saw online – and even though it’s not going according to plan, it’s going to be loved so much I can hardly wait to give it.

5.We’re having company with gluten intollerance this week. I’m thinking roast and either rice or biscuits made with gluten-free flour, veggies, and homemade ice cream with homemade cherry sauce from last year’s cherry crop. I don’t know how you gluten-intollerant people do it all the time.

6. The Toy Society looks like a fun charity to get kids involved in.

7. I still refuse to start using Twitter, but I’m trying out Springpad. So far I especially like the calendar feature, and I like finding and collecting recipes from other users.

Miss Priss.

Simplicity 3902, Lizzie McGuire, view B. Vintage fabric from an estate sale, grosgrain ribbon. Stash used: 2 yards. I omitted the neckline facing and used self-fabric bias to finish neck and armholes. I find this to be a great way to use up scraps and keep the garment entirely coordinated. I’ll be making this pattern again because Hannah wants the version with the square neck and the long ruffled sleeves.


Our house is constantly in a state of being improved. Right now we’re focusing on one of the bedrooms, which had this fan in it. Sometime in the last couple of years, one of the fan blades was broken off. (There was a bunk bed in the room – that had something to do with it.) And when Charlie got read to replace the blades (already making-do), he found a wire inside the fan that didn’t look right. The pull chain also had to be replaced. We thought the fan might be unsafe and would have to be replaced. But a friend who knows about these things said it was fine, as long as the wire was replaced. So the fan has now been rewired and had new blades put on, and a new pull chain assembly.  Ceiling fans on craigslist seem to start around $30-$50 and go up. New ones start around $60 (and that’s for cheap ones we don’t really want.) We spent around $15 to fix ours. Less money, less waste, just a little bit of effort.

As you can see, we haven’t gotten to painting walls and ceiling yet.

Ave, ave verum corpus
Natum de Maria virgine
Vere pasum inmolatum
In cruce pro homine
Cujus latus perforatum
Un da fluxit et sanguine
Esto nobis prae gustatum
In mortis examine

A few years ago we had an outdated packet of wildflower seeds. Charlie emptied the packet in this little corner of the yard, figuring the worst that could happen was that they wouldn’t grow. We had several flowers come up that year but not this one. But… this one has come up every year since. Does anyone know what this is?

I picked this tip up from a sewing magazine several years ago. Use an old pill bottle with a child-proof top to store discarded pins, needles, razor blades, craft knife blades, etc.

This keeps dangerously sharp objects away from children and pets, some of whom will dig in the trash. When the bottle is full, the entire thing can be tossed, and even if said children or pets get it out, they can’t get at the bent pins and razor blades inside the bottle. And no rusty needle will poke through a trash bag into a garbage worker’s hand.