Our house is constantly in a state of being improved. Right now we’re focusing on one of the bedrooms, which had this fan in it. Sometime in the last couple of years, one of the fan blades was broken off. (There was a bunk bed in the room – that had something to do with it.) And when Charlie got read to replace the blades (already making-do), he found a wire inside the fan that didn’t look right. The pull chain also had to be replaced. We thought the fan might be unsafe and would have to be replaced. But a friend who knows about these things said it was fine, as long as the wire was replaced. So the fan has now been rewired and had new blades put on, and a new pull chain assembly.  Ceiling fans on craigslist seem to start around $30-$50 and go up. New ones start around $60 (and that’s for cheap ones we don’t really want.) We spent around $15 to fix ours. Less money, less waste, just a little bit of effort.

As you can see, we haven’t gotten to painting walls and ceiling yet.