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Let’s see if I can think of 7 things to share quickly.

1. I’ve been yard saleing the last couple of days. Yesterday, I got a vase cut from a single piece of rock – maybe agate – for 50 cents, an outdoor rug for 25 cents and an indoor rug for 10 cents, a trash bag full of gift wrap for $1, several books at 10 cents each, and a set of curtains with cute embroidery that will become a girl’s skirt for $1. Today I found even more great stuff – more paperback kids books marked 10 cents each, but I got an armload for $1, five color injet refill kits for $1, a bag of lace and a bag of zippers, each 50 cents, a small set of shelves (think spice rack size) for $2, and other odds and ends. Charlie went and found a Fisher Price picnic table for $3.

2. I made a blouse, but I’m not sure I like it. I still have to get a picture of it in which you can actually see the details. When I do, I’ll write a post about it.

3. Thinking about frugality lately. One of the things that facilitates a frugal lifestyle is seeing potential in things. (That can be painted, used in a different way, etc.) Unfortunately seeing potential in things can also lead me to buy stuff I don’t need and won’t ever use, which isn’t a good deal no matter how cheap the item is. It also leads me to have too many projects going, which means some never get done, so the supplies/materials are wasted. I’m trying to find a balance and would welcome suggestions or musings.

4. I’m making a Fathers’ Day gift – hacking something I saw online – and even though it’s not going according to plan, it’s going to be loved so much I can hardly wait to give it.

5.We’re having company with gluten intollerance this week. I’m thinking roast and either rice or biscuits made with gluten-free flour, veggies, and homemade ice cream with homemade cherry sauce from last year’s cherry crop. I don’t know how you gluten-intollerant people do it all the time.

6. The Toy Society looks like a fun charity to get kids involved in.

7. I still refuse to start using Twitter, but I’m trying out Springpad. So far I especially like the calendar feature, and I like finding and collecting recipes from other users.