Meet Prince:

Charlie told Hannah last fall that if she saved enough money she could get a dog. She reached her goal early in the summer, so we bagan searching for a dog. Charlie wanted to get a puppy from a pet store. I refused to get anything (dog or otherwise) that wasn’t already house trained. So we looked at a local animal shelter.

Hannah had a small terrier mix picked out, but at the last minute she (the terrier, not Hannah) showed her true colors. She escaped the try-your-dog-out-before-adoption yard and ran straight for the other dogs in their pens. She reached through a chain link fence and bit a golden retriever on the lip, and wouldn’t let go. It took the shelter employee about 5 minutes to detach her. We did not bring the terrier home.

We were sort of burnt out looking for dogs, and did not search for a couple of weeks. Then this dog showed up at the neighbors’ house.

She told us he was a stray she had taken in. She had been looking for his owners, but had been unsuccessful. She couldn’t keep him permanantly; did we want him?

So we brought him home to try out for a week or so. He is very sweet, house trained, and already knows how to sit, lay down, and stay, though he needs work on the tricks. He rarely barks. He’s bigger than what we were looking for, but he’s working out very well. We will be getting him neutered ASAP. We think he’s part lab (he loves water) and probably pug.