I bet I’m not the only one who can’t believe another year is over. This year has been quite eventful for us.

I really hope 2010 is not so exciting.

I want to continue this blog, hopefully more faithfully. I want to talk more about frugality and simplicity, eating well vs. eating cheaply, living well and making do. I’m also rethinking schooling choices. Should I be homeschooling? I once thought yes, then I thought no. Now I just need major discernment.

I’m working toward teaching my children how to help keep the house. I need to find a good balance between clean, organic food, and a tight budget, and between eating well and having treats. We’re still remodeling and decluttering. As I say each year, I really want our next Christmas to be more deliberate, more thoughtful, with less consumption and more creativity.

And I want to talk about these things here.

I hope you’ll join me.