I’m finally showing you the quilt I finished last month. Several years ago I was using Bonnie’s Scrap User’s System, which was a great way to get scraps used up. I never made any intricate traditional quilt patterns, but I did a couple like this. Shortly before we started major remodeling and I moved all my sewing stuff into bins in the attic, I had put several strips together in a blue, green, yellow/brown color scheme.

A few months ago I started bringing sewing stuff down from the attic, and I found these. Everything that survived the attic exile had to be washed, and these were no exception. Some of the strips lost some width in washing. I sewed the strips together side to side and then had the start of a quilt, but it was far too small for an entire quilt top. So I added very wide borders from thrifted vintage sheets and used a second vintage sheet of the same pattern on the back. I like the way it turned out.

This has become Hannah’s quilt.