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I finished a couple of my UFOs. Two charity baby quilts only needed binding. The projects that have been *almost* finished and that hang around needing only one or two last things are so demoralizing. It feels great to get these done.

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I recently ran across the quote in my title: “What you measure is what you do.” Thinking about this, I began to identify things in my life that I measure and things I ought to measure.

I measure my kids’ schoolwork. It is important that they progress. I measure my prayer. One rosary, one reading, one journal entry, one chaplet of Divine Mercy each day, always reminding myself of what Chesterton said, “If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.” I measure my kids’ and my own hygiene. Teeth get brushed a minimum of once a day, showers, baths, etc. I measure my medications and supplements. One per day of this, three per day of that.

I need to measure my meals better. Three square a day, not two plus a lot of snacking or worse, one plus an obscene amount of snacking. I need to measure my sleep better. Eight hours a night, more if needed, never in bed later than 10:30PM. And I need to find a way to measure my sewing and crafting output.

I’ve got more works in progress than ought to be legal. For now I’m going to make a list of the ones that are in my face, and if I find more in the attic someday, I’ll add them to the list. I’m going to include projects that haven’t been started but for which I already hve the supplies. If I decide not to do one of them, it gets crossed off the list. No guilt.

In the order I think of them or find them and named what makes sense to me:
Ruth’s pink stripe dress
Hannah’s curtains
Charity mystery quilt
Baby quilt quilt
Baby blue WAS quilt
Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt 1
Raggedy Ann and Andy quilt 2
Beach windowpane quilt
Snowflake doily
Polka dot top
Hannah’s fall dress
Paisley top/dress
Indian paisley top/dss
Josiah’s quilt
Esther’s quilt
John’s quilt
Charlie’s denim work apron
Chinese quilt
Repair Hannah’s jeans
Blue and gold baby boy quilt
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil frog x-stitch
Holy Family x-stitch
Lady of Guadalupe x-stitch
Knotted embroidery lily pad
Charlie’s green shirt

By my count, 26, plus whatever I find when I clean out the attic. Definitely time to start finishing.

What do you need to measure? What do you already measure well?