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I finished a couple of my UFOs. Two charity baby quilts only needed binding. The projects that have been *almost* finished and that hang around needing only one or two last things are so demoralizing. It feels great to get these done.

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Rowena, at Romesticity had declared war on clutter. I’m joining her.

As part of my stash reduction effort, I made this sweet little dress last week.

Pattern is Simplicity 2909. Fabric was a $1 cut from an estate sale. The ribbon was stash, and the white contrast was cut from yard sale curtains, which were also made into a skirt. (I’ll post on that later.) The ribbon was from stash. I cut a size 3, which is still big on Esther. She’ll probably be able to wear this dress again next summer, if it survives that long.

Both older girls have chosen fabric for me to make this pattern for them. I’m working on Ruth’s now – a blue with purple tulips. Hannah’s is a brown floral stripe.

See the dog? He deserves his own post, too. Stay tuned.

Sorry, no cute pictures today. I’m working on a girl’s slip, which I hope to take pics of tomorrow. We went to several yard sales this weekend and got lots of good deals. Kids books. Home school books. (Home school is a touchy subject around here.) A Sorry! game. Christmas postcards (25 cents), a free clock radio, a whistle, several stuffed animals, a 25 cent picture frame already holding a t-ball picture, and a few other odds and ends. Yard sale-ing is my new favorite activity.

Ya’ll have a great Monday!

Just gonna jump right in.

I finished this dress today.

I used Simplicity 3900, which is no longer on the Simplicity website. The fabric was a $1 cut from an estate sale.

The zipper was from stash. The ribbon is a tiny velvet from JoAnn. Velvet ribbon seems a bit incongruous on this breezy-thin fabric, but it works fine.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, if you’re in the States, and if you’re not, have a great Monday!

I wanted to show you our roses. I use the word “our” loosely, as you will see.

This rose bush grows on both sides of the fence we share with our neighbors. I don’t know what variety these are, but they are beautiful, and smell nice, too.

These striped roses grow on a bush that is definitely on the neighbor’s side of the fence, but several branches have made their way through the fence to our side. Again, I don’t know the variety. These don’t smell as pretty, but they don’t smell bad, and the bush is stunning when it is in full bloom.

And this rose bush is the one my mother-in-law planted with Charlie. They are burgundy iceberg roses. Look at the backs of the petals – they are white. This smells wonderful and is incredibly beautiful!

Last time I did this they said I look like Magic Johnson. This time, they included Mao Zedong, who didn’t make it to the collage. I am not making this up.

I like to talk about religious and political and philosophical things from time to time. But I believe my doing so here has caused problems for some of the people who are dearest to me. So I have started a new off-shoot blog where I can talk about “deeper” subjects without offending my readers here. If you want to read my religious/philosophical thoughts, you are welcome to check out Mama Long’s Deeper Thoughts. If you prefer not to, but still want to see what I’m crafting or see pictures of the children, then watch here only. I will move my religous links tonight and sometime over the next couple of weeks I’ll move my religious posts.